Golf Club Manager Job Description

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Golf Club Manager Job Profile and Description

The Golf Club Manager performs a responsible job of supervising the operation and maintenance of the Golf Course. The duties of this professional includes everything from supervising of the personnel who is assigned to carry out the job of looking after the golf course, driving range, to administrating the rules and regulations related to the facility. He has to review the work of his juniors, and carry out the work of inspection of those whom he has to supervise.

Golf Club Manager Duties and Responsibilities

  • Supervising and administering the golf course, and the personnel, employing, terminating and assigning new staff.
  • Administering the rules which are related to the operation of golf course.
  • Furnishing the supplies and equipments required for the golf course, coordinating the education classes, promoting the interests of the facility members.
  • Planning, scheduling and supervising the repairing, maintaining, and operating the work related the golf course.
  • Directing and scheduling the mowing, weeding, spiking, and fertilizing of the greens.
  • Suggesting the methods and supervising the control of weeds, insects and rodents.
  • Supervising, maintaining and repairing of the equipment.

Golf Club Manager Skills and Specifications

  • Knowledge about the maintenance of grass greens
  • Good amount of knowledge in business management
  • Ability to help in organizing the events
  • Excellent communication and administering skills
  • Ability to handle many duties efficiently
  • Ability to maintain records and deal with them perfectly

Golf Club Manager Education and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree from a reputed university with courses in business management, or recreation or related field along with good amount of training.
  • Previous working experience in any golf club related administering activities.

Golf Club Manager Salary

The golf club manager’s average annual income is $110,000. However, their income would greatly vary depending on the nature of the organization they work for and the experience of the professional.

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