Health Information Management Job Description

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Health Information Management Job Profile and Description

The health information manager is someone who has to maintain and care for the health records in a hospital, health department, physician’s office clinic or a facility that provides health care or maintains health records.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • The health information manager is responsible for maintaining the medical records of the healthcare company he has been hired by.
  • He has to evaluate the procedures and functions the medical records are being user for.
  • He has to provide training to clinical, clerical and professional staff regarding the contents, confidentiality, and security and coding of medical records.
  • He has to supervise the review of the medical records to ensure proper documentation and timely completion.
  • He has to co-ordinate the release of medical correspondence and information keeping in mind local policies, federal and state laws and statutes.
  • He is responsible for organizing the storage, archiving, retrieval and destruction of medical records as well.

Skills and Qualifications

  • The health information manager has to be equipped with very excellent administrative and organizational skills because he will be responsible for a large amount of records and data.
  • Technological skills are a must in this profession because a lot of the work of handling medical records has to be done on the computer.
  • He must possess management skills as handling a whole company’s medical data is not easy.
  • He needs to have excellent verbal and written communication skills as he may be required to address a group of people.
  • The health information manager must have excellent people – skills. This will enable him to get along with the staff of different departments.

Education and Qualifications

Persons interested in becoming a health information manager need to at least have an Associate’s degree in Health Information Technology or related field. Work experience in the field of health care is an added advantage.

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