Management Accountant Job Description

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Management Accountant Job Profile and Description

The Management Accountant is responsible for working in tax and other financial and budgetary departments in organizations. He has to work alongside senior business leaders in identifying efficient ways to reduce and manage the overall operational and production costs.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A Management Accountant is responsible for assessing the federal, local and state taxes of an organization.
  • He has to analyze the organization’s annual, quarterly and monthly budgets.
  • He has to find out ways to decrease the expenses of the organization including tax cuts, etc.
  • He may have to be involved in corporate strategic planning initiatives and control the costs of products developments or new projects the organization may be planning.
  • He also has to prepare reports for investors, auditors and regulators.

Skills and Specifications

  • It is extremely important for a Management Accountant to be team – oriented person as lot of the work involves teamwork.
  • Excellent technology skills are a must in this profession as the field of management accounting is constantly witnessing technological innovations dealing with better ways of tracking and controlling costs.
  • Having an excellent network of business contacts goes a long way in being successful in this profession.
  • He has to have high people – skills. Ease at interacting with different kinds of people will help him in bringing new business ideas to the organization he works for.
  • He should have the ability to deal with high work pressure and long work hours.
  • He has to possess strong analytical skills.
  • He must be excellent with numbers and their calculations.

Education and Qualifications

A Bachelor’s degree in accounting is required for persons who want to become a Management Accountant. A Master’s degree in accounting is an added advantage. Taking accounting and advanced math courses in high school will also help.

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