Management Consultant Job Description

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Management Consultant Job Description and Profile

The job of Management Consultants in larger or smaller niche companies entails providing objective advice, specialist and expertise skills with aspire of producing value, improving or maximizing growth of the company’s business performance. They are mainly involved with the structure, management, operations, and strategy, of a company. Management consultants assist by identifying opportunities with recommendations, implementing solutions, and providing additional resources. Consultants operate across various services such as marketing, human resources, business strategy, management and financial controls, and e-business and operations, supply-chain management and information technology.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Analyzing and evaluating operating procedures and providing recommendations depending on their findings.
  • Administering the operation of focus groups and alleviating workshops. Preparing business presentations and proposals.
  • Determining issues regarding performance improvement of a company and forming hypotheses.
  • Ensuring that the customer acquires the assistance required to implement the solutions or recommendations.
  • Interviewing management team, customer’s employees and other stakeholders.
  • Leading and managing professionals, including analysts within the team.
  • Formulating and executing solutions or recommendations.
  • Carrying out research, collecting data, and conducting analysis.
  • Managing programs and projects and spending most of the work time at customer’s site.
  • Managing a larger leadership role in customer relationships.

Skills and Specifications

  • Self-motivated and disciplined individual with analytical skills.
  • Able to get along well with a wide range of professionals.
  • Should be an excellent communicator with strong interpersonal skills.
  • Enthusiast and multi-ethnic professional.
  • Must be able to operate for long hours.
  • Must pay attention well to minute details.

Education and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree with essential classes in Business, Management, Leadership or science from an accredited college.
  • Master’s degree in Business administration or related field is an added advantage.

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