Manager Job Description

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Manager Job Profile and Description:

A manager is a key member of an organization who is directly responsible for the organization’s success. He plays an important role in maintaining the smooth and efficient operations of a business. He is responsible for all the different aspects of an organization’s operation. He usually reports to executive staff members such as the vice-president or chief operating officer.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • The manager has to plan, direct and coordinate different aspects of the operating area he has been allotted or his specialized field
  • He has to make sure that operations run smoothly and according to organization policy
  • He ensures that vendors and suppliers are properly compensated and continue to meet the needs of the organization
  • He has to see that the marketing strategies are successfully implemented and are actually contributing to the profits of the organization
  • Sometimes they have to screen, interview, hire and train managers and supervisors that report to him
  • He evaluates and gives feedback required for his employees to be successful
  • He should ensure that administrative services like daily paperwork and payroll matters are completed and addressed within the deadline
  • He should ensure accuracy in the compilation and presentation of any financial report

Skills and Specifications

  • Excellent communication skills both written and verbal are required
  • The manager should have good leadership skills and should motivate his team
  • He should be strong in areas of business mathematics and have strong analytical skills
  • He should have good networking and interpersonal skills
  • He should be able to work under pressure and follow deadlines

Education and Qualifications

The post of a manager is a senior position, so one may require something more than a bachelor’s degree in commerce. An MBA in sales, finance or related field.

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