Parts Manager Job Description

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Parts Manager Job Profile and Description

There are various kinds of parts used in a company. If the company is a manufacturing one, then there are millions of parts used in the machinery. Those parts need to be constantly monitored to keep them in good shape, because the machinery and equipments will run properly, if those parts are in good condition. So, there is a post of parts manager in every manufacturing company.

Parts Manager Duties and Responsibilities

    • As mentioned in the above paragraph, the main responsibility of a parts manager is to keep all the parts of the company, in which he or she is employed, is in good condition.
    • Not only the parts, is the responsibility of the whole equipments on the muster of the parts manager. He or she will have to make sure that all the machinery and equipments are running properly.

Parts Manager Skills and Specifications

    • A parts manager must possess great knowledge in various types of parts involved in the company, in which he or she is employed.
    • As he or she has to lead a team of technical persons, so there must be some managerial quality within the parts manager.
    • He or she must possess skills in troubleshooting. If everyone failed to detect a trouble, then he or she has to find out the problem in any parts and solve the problem.

Parts Manager Education and Qualification

  • If you want to be a parts manager, then you must possess an engineering degree, preferably in mechanical discipline.
  • You must have some past experience in similar type of job, to get a job of parts manager.

Parts Manager Job Salary

  • The salary of this job is not fixed and comes in a range and that range is $4000-$7000.

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