Title Examiner Job Profile and Description

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A title examiner examines the titles for determination of the legal condition of the title related to property. They examine the record copied like liens, judgements, vital statistics, mortgages, map books and plats to determine the legal restrictions and ownerships. They verify whether the legal description of a property is genuine or not. Basically, their analysis guarantees the legalisation of a conferred title.

Title Examiner Duties and Responsibilities

The main duties and responsibilities of a title examiner are:

  • Copying and summarising the copies of legal documents like mortgages, contracts and trust deeds and all the factors that affect the title of property.
  • Encumbrances to title are analysed by the Title Examiner. It is their duty to write detailed reports and prescribe the necessary actions required to clear the title.
  • Searching documents and records for the determination of any due tax.
  • Issuing of title insurance policy
  • Finalising property deeds and creating developments.
  • Preparation of correspondence is yet another duty of a title examiner.
  • Directing the workers to search records for examining the titles
  • Resolving problems and imparting information by conferring with interested parties.
  • Helping the clients prepare grants and develop lands

Title Examiner Skills and Specifications:

  • For the accumulation of necessary information, they need to have strong organizational skills as well as bear strong research capabilities.
  • Should have excellent writing skills to present the information collected in a detailed manner.
  • Must have good communication skills as they have to interact with clients and different people many a times.
  • Should be aware of the legal terms and laws that are related to his working.
  • Must be well proficient in understanding the real estate terms and language.
  • Should be well adapted to work for long hours and under hectic schedule

Title Examiner Educational Qualifications:

The necessary educational qualifications of a title examiner include:

  • A high school degree
  • A graduate degree is demanded by must organizations
  • Should have specialised in any of the subjects namely Maths, Banking, Finance and law.
  • An experience of two to four years in the field of title examining and abstraction is preferred by most of the companies.

Title Examiner Salary:

Most title examiners choose to work on a pay title basis. Many of them may also be employed on a full time basis as well. The salary also varies accordingly. The general annual income of a title examiner may vary somewhat from $35000 to about $100000.

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