Trade Show Manager Job Profile and Description

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A Trade Show Manager looks after the production of expositions in general. They generally take care of the trade shows or exhibitions sponsored by professional societies or associations. Packaging every show before its sale is the prime responsibility of a trade show manger. Basically, they coordinate and manage any kind of trade shows, corporate events and shows. They also assist in producing webinars and materials for its promotion. Estimating the cost behind each exhibition and also deciding the type and kind of exhibition is yet another important task performed by a Trade Show Manager.

Trade Show Manager Duties and Responsibilities:

The essential duties and responsibilities of a trade show manger are:

  • Estimating the location and the type of the exhibition to be held
  • Estimating the average cost needed to put on an exhibition.
  • Research and collect useful information from various trade shows.
  • Preparation of schedules for the project he is working for.
  • Producing promotional seminars and shows.
  • Responsible for taking care that the entire trade show is running smoothly.
  • Responsible for negotiating with the concerned persons related to the exhibition in case of any problem.
  • Organising cocktail parties, meetings and any kind of event related to the trade show or the exhibition.
  • Looks after floor management.
  • Supervises the other workers working under him.

Trade Show Manager Skills and Specifications:

The particular skills and specifications required for been a trade show manger are:

  • Must have excellent leadership skills to make the workers under him work effectively and organising the entire event smoothly.
  • Should be able to set up a proper and reasonable budget according to the trade show. For this, the trade show manger needs to have a number crunching ability which is very important in today’s market.
  • A good managing skill is the plus point for the trade show manager.
  • A good knowledge of the company he is working in, the products related to it, the company’s clients and competitors must be present in an ideal trade show manager.
  • Should be resourceful and flexible.
  • Should have good and helpful contacts.

Trade Show Manager Educational qualifications

For being a trade show manager, one must necessarily have the following educational qualifications:

  • Must hold a bachelor’s degree.
  • Degree in public relations, marketing, management or communications are desirable
  • Persons certified by the Convention Industry Council hold better chance in this field.

Trade Show Manager Salary:

A trade show manger could get a median salary of about $71,034 in the United States.

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