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The main job of a large company’s advertising head is generally to take care of the planning process, help in developing, directing and implementing the campaigns and programs of advertisement that helps a brand to create awareness and sustain in the market. Its main focus is to get the required recognition from its target audience. The manager’s job is not only confined to managing the organic resources and people to this end but he also has to tackle the 3rd party expertise of the advertising agencies who kind of give a boost to the advertising campaigns for their customers. He has to manage and find such outlets that are ready to give the advertising its space or time. The advertising managers in general play as a mediator between these advertising agencies and the company.

Advertising Manager Duties and Responsibilities

  • Prepare and present to management the annual advertising budget and the corresponding advertising plans
  • Collaborate with the company’s 3rd party advertising agencies in developing all approved advertising programs and projects
  • Conduct regular meetings with sales and marketing executives, along with the advertising agency to ensure the company is kept informed on it product position in its target markets
  • Approve all adverting media placements,
  • Work closely with public relations officers in crafting press releases if needed
  • Coordinate with IT team in placing online ads


Advertising Manager Skills and Specifications

  • Must be able to conceptualize ideas in product positioning
  • Must have highly creative advertising ideas appropriate for the product or service
  • Must have excellent organizational and managerial skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and social skills in dealing with managements, clients and advertising agencies
  • Excellent verbal and writing communication skills in English

Advertising Manager Education and Qualifications

  • A Bachelor of Arts in Advertising is a must with 3-5 years of related experience in a similar capacity or in marketing and sales.
  • An MBM or MBA is an advantage.

Advertising Manager Salary

The median annual salary of Advertising Managers in 2008 stood at $80,300. Like other managerial positions, there’s a wide latitude in the salary range depending on the industry where the business operates, the complexity and range of the products and devices to be advertised and their revenue potential.

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