Audience Feedback Manager Job Description and Profile

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The audience feedback manager is responsible for communicating with the target audience of the business and gathering their feedback about the products and services so as to prepare reports that can help improve the output of the company. They are employed by a number of businesses in order to achieve continuous improvement and build strong relationships with clients as they are also required to answer phones, emails and queries of clients such that the customer base is largely satisfied.

Audience Feedback Manager Duties and Responsibilities

  • Answer phone calls, emails and other means of communications from the audience
  • Manage an audience feedback team and assign responsibilities to the staff in order to offer quick and efficient customer service to customers
  • Gather feedback from audience through traditional and creative means
  • Analyze feedback and prepare reports that are actionable
  • Meet with managers of various departments and ensure that all activities in the company bring about customer satisfaction and elimination of negative feedback
  • Digitize results in an organized and meticulous fashion
  • Train staff in better customer service as per the feedback of audience
  • Maintain excellent professional relationships with audience and ensure that the customer base is satisfied with the service
  • Provide training to junior staff in data interpretation and analysis

Audience Feedback Manager Education, Training and Qualifications

An audience feedback manager has to have a strong knowledge about customer service ethics as well as mathematics, statistics and computer applications. A bachelor’s degree in sales and marketing is necessary. Experience of work in customer service department and in analysis and interpretation of results is essential.

Audience Feedback Manager Degrees, Courses & Certification

The basic degree required is a bachelor’s degree in business management, mathematics, statistics or economics. He needs to take special courses in computer applications in order to learn the usage of software required to develop analysis reports and other data analysis and interpretation functions. Certification from recognized and accredited educational institutions is necessary.

Audience Feedback Manager Skills and Specifications

  • Excellent communication and writing skill
  • Strong knowledge and a genuine concern about customer service
  • Good management abilities
  • Excellent observation and analysis skills
  • Excellent knowledge about data interpretation
  • Ability to grasp the meaning of audience feedback
  • Must be highly creative in order to provide innovative means to garner positive feedback
  • Excellent decision making, problem solving and troubleshooting abilities

Audience Feedback Manager‘s Salary/Wage

The salary of an audience feedback manager ranges between $60,000 and $100,000 depending on the company of employment and experience.

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