Commercial Manager Job Description and Profile

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A commercial manager plays a very important role in planning commercial activities of the business based on the changing trends of the market. A high level of analytical mind is required for the job since the manager has to analyze the market scenario and a good foresight in order to plan company’s commercial policies. The efficiency and performance of the company often depends on the policies formulated by a commercial manager. It is a very responsible position and often involves a high level of stress. The scope of the job is very vast since he needs to oversee all aspects of commercial activities ranging from marketing management to employee management.

Commercial Manager Duties and Responsibilities

  • Negotiating commercial contracts related to amassing of assets, trade activities, partnerships, lease agreements and all other related commercial activities
  • Managing crisis in the company such as accidents, huge losses and a drop in sales
  • Managing and overseeing the finances involved in commercial activities
  • Preparing optimum budgets for the commercial sector while keeping within the overall budget of the company
  • Managing staff
  • Understanding the market scenario and applying the changes in trends to the production of the company
  • Keeping track of the international happenings so as to accurately predict the trends of the market
  • Keeping track on company profits and reviewing situations whenever there is a dip
  • Taking part in high level meetings of the company and formulating long term policies
  • Taking active part in project planning activities

Commercial Manager Education, Training and Qualifications

Studying business management is the basic requisite for the job. Experience is of major importance. Applicants are required to have worked in market research, sales and marketing and administration departments in order to qualify for the job. He should have strong public relation skills and must be trained in the use of computer software required for commercial planning and management.

Commercial Manager Degrees, Courses & Certification

The most preferred degrees are bachelors in sale and marketing, economics, public relations or business management. They are supposed to have experience of work in administrative side of a company since planning is a basic function of the job.

Commercial Manager Skills and Specifications

  • Excellent analysis and observation skills
  • Excellent management skills
  • Good communications and leadership qualities
  • Sound knowledge regarding all aspects of a company
  • Excellent negotiation and decision making skills

Commercial Manager‘s Salary/Wage

Salary of a commercial manager ranges between $110,000 and $170,000 per annum.

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