Compliance Manager Job Description and Profile

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The rules and regulations for the management of every industry is laid down by the government. There are various regulations that vary depending on the kinds of industries and their working procedures. The job of the Compliance manager is to make sure that the industries and companies are following or complying with all the state and federal rules and regulations. The compliance officers are placed by the governmental officials so that there is always a check on the operations of various industries. The officer submits an inspection report to the government agencies. In the scenario where he is employed by the companies, he first meets the executives and takes corrective measures. Such officers are usually required in the industries where complying to the standards that are required. Examples of these industries are chemical factories, pharmaceutical industries and nuclear plants to name a few.

Compliance Manager Duties and Responsibilities

  • He has to understand the federal rule and regulations levied for the operations of a particular industry
  • He has to study the working procedures of the industry and verify whether they meet federal and state standards
  • He is supposed to write reports about the inspections and submit them to relevant bodies
  • He has to keep in regular touch with laws that are newly implemented by the federal and state governance bodies
  • He should provide guidance to companies regarding rule and regulations and on how best to implement them
  • He is supposed to perform auditing duties in the industry
  • He is the one who provides counseling about regulated working procedures

Compliance Manager Education, Training and Qualifications

  • The job of a compliance manager is a field specific job.
  • The applicant for the job has to have a four years college degree in the relevant field of work.
  • Most important is the experience to be able to maintain federal standards.
  • A strong knowledge about the laws and regulations of a particular industry is a major required qualification.

Compliance Manager Degrees, Courses & Certification

  • Four year bachelor’s degree in the relevant field is essential.
  • An additional course in laws of the industry is required since the applicant has to have a very strong knowledge about the legal aspects of the job.
  • ABA certification is necessary for the job.


Compliance Manager Skills and Specifications

  • Strong knowledge about rules and regulations pertaining to the industry of work
  • Excellent observation and analytical skills
  • Good analysis skills
  • Ability to keep in touch with new rules and regulations
  • Must be very honest and work with a high level of integrity
  • Must have a high level of precision in work
  • Must maintain good interpersonal relationships with industries and government bodies

Compliance Manager‘s Salary/Wage

The salary of a compliance manager can range between $60,000 and $90,000 per annum

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