Aerospace Industry Job Description

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Aerospace Industry Job Profile and Description


There are different types of jobs in the Aerospace industry – different positions require different skills and qualifications for designing, building and maintaining the functioning of aircrafts, satellites, air weapons & space vehicles etc. Today, the aerospace industry is growing at a fast rate and many new opportunities are available for people.

Aerospace Industry Duties and Responsibilities:

Some common duties and responsibilities in the aerospace industry –

  • Understanding the very job profile and related activities
  • Conducting research on the designing specifications for building different kinds of air vehicles, satellites etc.
  • Managing the whole assembly of the airframes and executing installation of equipments and engines on aircrafts, satellites, or on space vehicles.
  • Solving problem related to design plan or the formation of the air vehicles by thorough testing processes.
  • Investigating accident cases of aircrafts
  • Understanding & determining from the collected data of satellites.
  • Maintaining the systems and components of the aircrafts


Aerospace Industry Skills and Specifications:

Some common skills –

  • Be able to handle projects within set budget, timeline, and resources
  • Should have good communication skills to interact with various people regarding technical issues
  • Be a team player

Aerospace Industry Education and Qualifications:

The qualifications depend on the particular position.

  • High school diploma- for the junior positions
  • Bachelor degree in Aeronautics Engineering for aerospace engineers, scientist or technicians
  • Masters or Doctoral degree in aeronautics science or related field for researching roles.

Aerospace Industry Salary:

The salary for lower positions are range from $12,000- $16,000 annually. And, for higher positions, it depends on the qualifications and experience – it ranges from $20,000 -$150,000 per annum.

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