Aircraft Electronics Technician Job description

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Aircraft Electronics Technician Job Description and Profile

The job profile of an ‘Aircraft Electronics Technician’ involves technical work – repairing, testing, servicing and inspecting the aircrafts for various technical problems. This job requires thorough knowledge in aircraft electronics engineering – about aircraft and its components. They also have to test, keep, uphold and perform repair of the satellite communication and navigation systems.

Aircraft Electronics Technician Duties and Responsibilities –

  • Must be able to identify the problems in the aircraft electronic and navigation system
  • Must have the knowledge about the technical requirements of navigation and communication system
  • Should keep the privacy about the machine and organization one works for
  • Must be open to work anytime and anywhere when required
  • Must be familiar with the technical aspects of the flight control systems
  • Being responsible for cockpit navigation, communication, and electronic box maintenance
  • Should know the functioning of cryptographic machine for communication
  • Should have completed the security clearance procedure

Aircraft Electronics Technician Education, Training and Qualifications –

One needs to a Graduate from Aviation Maintenance schools for the position of a technician – a two year or four year course from Avionics Maintenance Academy.

Aircraft Electronics Technician Degrees, Courses & Certification –

An Aircraft Electronics Technician should possess diploma in electronics, mathematics, physics, chemistry &, computer courses. One is required to complete the on the job training successfully.

Aircraft Electronics Technician skills and specifications –

  • A team player and should update their knowledge in their field
  • Should have good analytical and logical thinking
  • Should have good eye sight and healthy physical condition
  • Should be ready to work in tough conditions
  • Should be good at complex electronic data
  • Should have an eye for details
  • Should be familiar with the standard operating procedures
  • Should never comprise on standard operating procedures
  • Should have a balanced and pressure free mind
  • Should be a self motivator and hard worker

Aircraft Electronics Technician’s salary/wage –

The average salary for this position ranges from $60,000 to $65,000 per annum.

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