Apparel Industry Job Description

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Apparel Industry Job Profile and Description:

The Apparel industry is also known as Garment industry. It involves manufacturing of clothes for men, women and children. It involves everything that one can think of – jeans, shirts, trousers, night suits undergarments, hats, furs, hosiery, and much such. This is a very large scale industry. People working in garment industry are assigned different jobs.


Apparel Industry Duties and Responsibilities:

Although duties and responsibilities depend on the particular job profile, some common tasks are –

  • Designing new styles and trends and updating the current styles.
  • Outlining designs by hand and working directly with fabric.
  • Overseeing the production cost.
  • Arranging sewing, cutting and alteration for clothes.
  • Performing inspection of the readymade garments and repairing where there are errors
  • Planning for the marketing and promotion of the products
  • Preparing strategies for competing in the market and providing good customer service.

Apparel Industry Skills and Specifications:

  • Resourcefulness and originality are two most important skills needed in this industry.
  • Should be a team player with good coordination skills.
  • Must be efficient in stitching and cutting of cloths.
  • Strong communication skills

Apparel Industry Educational Qualifications:

  • There is no educational requirement for the production workers – job training is given for stitching and knitting, however holding a high school certificate is good for a job & promotion.
  • A industry specific degree or certificate is a must for the position of a fashion designer.

Apparel Industry Salary:

The salary scale in the apparel industry varies for all positions –  from $30,903 to $65,247 annually.

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