Sample Assembly Line Worker Job Description

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Assembly Line Worker Job Profile and Description

  • In a factory, ‘Assembly Line’ is an area where the products consisting different components are assembled together to form a complete piece. The job of an assembly line worker involves doing a particular task in the assembly process. They work with pliers, screwdrivers, soldering irons and other various tools to position and hold parts during the assembly process.


Duties and Responsibilities –

  • Generally workers work with their hands only, but one may be required to work with the tools and equipment
  • May be required to drill holes for fixing in screws or for the functioning of machines
  • Planning the assembly process in advance
  • Must ensure minimal wastage for material and time
  • Being responsible for fixing or affixing parts before manufacturing
  • Operate a spot welding machine on a cyclic basis

Skills and Specifications –

  • Must be open to do the work of same nature for long hours without mistakes
  • Hand agility is very important – assembling and fixing small parts & components
  • Good eye-hand co-ordination is very important
  • Should be in a good physical condition as the job requires standing for long hours
  • Should meet the daily targets
  • Should be a team player

Education and Qualifications –

Generally, the educational requirement for this position is high school passed.

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