Automotive Paint Technician Job Description

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Automotive Paint Technician Job Profile and Description

The job profile of an ‘Automotive Paint Technician’ involves application of body paints – one of the last jobs in the assemblage of automobiles. They work with painting machines and tools and, perform auto painting tasks according to automotive engineering requirements, standards and procedures.

Automotive Paint Technician Duties and Responsibilities –

  • De-grease, removal of dirt, rust or old paint from vehicle body for applying paint
  • Mixing paint pigments for matching color specifications or original colors of vehicles.
  • Applying the paint mixes specified by the automotive paint engineers
  • Transferring paint into spray guns and adjusting nozzles for good paint flow and thickness in coating
  • Operating auto paint systems for different types of vehicles
  • Ensuring no mistakes for shipping vehicles destined for warm moist countries and, for colder temperature countries.
  • Helping the auto engineers to make sure that the painting processes are performed efficiently and in a cost-effective manner
  • Assisting in the development of new paint solutions.
  • Watching painting operations to identify errors – blisters and streaks, and rectify them
  • Wearing protective clothing and face masks for own protection against spray fumes.

Automotive Paint Technician Skills and Specifications –

  • Must be computer literate for operating automated paint machines and other computerized machines used in the painting process
  • Must have good learning abilities to understand and put in affect the engineering blueprints etc.

Automotive Paint Technician Education and Qualifications –

  • A high school diploma is sufficient for this position
  • Must have a clear vision

Automotive Paint Technician Salary –

The average salary for an Automotive Paint Technician is around $18.38 per hour, or $38,230 per annum.

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