Ceramics Industry Job Description

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Ceramics Industry Job Profile and Description:


When we talk about the ‘Ceramic industry’, it involves different kinds of products made up of clay, and other similar materials that are processed at high temperatures. Some common ceramic products are –   wall tiles, bathroom fixtures, floor, electric insulators and dinner sets etc. A person who wants to work in this industry must be ready to work with materials like glass, bricks, and porcelain etc. for creating various items.

Ceramics Industry Duties and Responsibilities:

The duty and responsibility in the ceramic industry depends on a particular job. Some general duties and responsibilities are mentioned below.

  • Forming & figuring crockery items and utensils from clay and related materials
  • Managing the raw material and the productivity
  • Liaising with other departments to ensure great productivity
  • Overseeing the production and controlling product quality
  • Transportation of raw materials to the production area.
  • Staying up to date with the latest technologies and implementing in production
  • Developing ceramics printing processes that last longer and do not get spoiled soon

Ceramics Industry Skills and Specifications –

Some common skills and specifications for this industry:

  • Entry level staff should have excellent creativity abilities and skills to form cookery items and other products from raw materials.
  • Higher positions staff needs good analytical and technical skills.
  • Should have scrupulous knowledge about ceramics and be familiar with the technicalities attached to it.
  • Should have manual agility and have mechanical skills.

Ceramics Industry Educational Qualifications –

  • There is no educational qualification requirement for the junior positions, however middle and senior positions do require a graduate degree in ceramic engineering.
  • The artists and designers are required to possess a degree in fine arts or designing.

Ceramics Industry Salary –

The salary in this industry differs from position to position – the average ceramicist salary ranges from $44,519 to $101,624 per annum. Benefits like health insurances, pension plans and paid holidays are offered to everyone.

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  1. bakhtiar khan says:

    i am Pakistani, I live in Karachi ,I am science graduate(Bsc) 1991,I have 20th yrs exp of different ceramic industry(ceramic wall & floor tile,porcelain table ware & porcelain glaze & polish tile) I am Assistant Manager Laboratory.I want new job.

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