Chemical Equipment Operator Job Description

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Chemical Equipment Operator Job Profile and Description

The job profile of a ‘Chemical Equipment Operator’ involves controlling machines that process chemicals. They work in chemical manufacturing companies and make chemical products like paints, pesticides, cleaning solutions and, also fundamental chemicals for industrial and laboratory supplies – acids, pure alcohols and other compounds.

Chemical Equipment Operator Duties and Responsibilities –

  • Watching instruments, gauges, panel alert lights, flow meters and other indicators to keep stable operation and compliance with process standards.
  • Making sure that the establishment complies with the safety regulations
  • Calculate, weigh and mix together chemical ingredients according to the specifications.
  • Doing the required processing adjustments to control speed, quality and yields of chemical reactions
  • Documenting data related to operations – process conditions, sample test results, and instrument readings.
  • Coordinating with supervisory and technical departments for solving issues related to production, safety, cost, volumes, efficiency, and product quality.
  • Turing equipments off during emergency situations
  • Understanding chemical reactions  – visible through sight glasses or, on TV monitors
  • Assessing lab test results for process adjustments.
  • Patrolling plant floor to confirm that stored solutions does not overflow.

Chemical Equipment Operator Skills and Specifications –

  • Must have the knowledge about understanding of chemistry principles
  • Must have good problem solving and analytical skills.
  • Must be open and come up with innovative ideas to improve manufacturing procedures and performance
  • Must have good interpersonal and coordination skills
  • Must be computer literate

Chemical Equipment Operator Education and Qualifications –

  • An associate or B.S degree in chemistry or chemical technology
  • Work experience of 2-3 years in a related chemical processing environment is a plus

Chemical Plant Operator Salary –

The norm salary for a chemical plant operator is around $26.09 per hour, and $54,270 per annum.

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