Director Manufacturing Job Description

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Director Manufacturing Job Profile and Description

The Director of manufacturing is a senior role and carries many responsibilities. They have to oversee all manufacturing operations in an organization. Today, all industries have this position – electronics, automobile, pharmaceutical, paper, wood, steel and food etc.  The director manufacturing reports to the president or chief executive officer of an organization and, they are responsible for the manufacturing operations and, increasing revenues.

Duties and Responsibilities –

  • Preparing and managing processes, quality and methods for production improvement
  • Directing the planning, development, implementation and maintenance of manufacturing methods for products and technologies
  • Ensuring quality production, compliance with safety standards, state rules and company guidelines
  • Making and executing policies and procedures, and operations strategies
  • Recruiting, training and motivating employees to reach the targets
  • Ensuring that equipment, tools, and materials used in the operations are of the best quality and
  • Forming & maintaining manufacturing budgets and ensuring profitability
  • Working with engineers to discuss new designs and enhanced features in products.
  • Ensuring cost control and increasing productivity and sales

Skills and Specifications –

  • Must have the knowledge about technical operations, production and financial control
  • Must be a team player and, has good coordination skills
  • Should know how to inspire the staff and, be responsible for the operations
  • Must be well organized and have good communications, and analytical skills

Education and Qualifications –

A Director Manufacturing is required to have a Bachelor’s degree in manufacturing, engineering or business administration. And, one should also have minimum 10 years of work experience in manufacturing.

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