Enologist Job Description

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Enologist Job Profile and Description

An ‘Enologist’, also known as the ‘Wine Expert’ has the essential knowledge about different types of wines. He/she is also involved wine production in various winery or breweries. They manage all activities related to wine production. They follow up changing market trends and ensure great product quality

Enologist Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Coordinating between the workers and lab technicians
  • Examining the quality of the grapes or rice, used as the major ingredient
  • Overseeing the superiority of other chemicals for production
  • Determining and keeping the standards and regulations for production
  • Performing procedures like husking (when rice is used), malting, fermentation and bottling in a proper manner and under the accurate temperature and conditions
  • Controlling and overseeing the machineries for wine production
  • Arranging transportation of raw materials and the finished products
  • Identifying the wine of low quality through various methods
  • Controlling the quality of the wine and ensuring high revenues

Enologist Skills and Specifications:

  • Strong knowledge about everything related to wine production
  • Must be capable to handle machineries used for wine production and understanding its technicality.
  • Excellent administrative skills
  • Capability of performing different works and working for long hours

Enologist Education and Qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Science- Enology and Viticulture
  • Internships or, on-job trainings are very crucial to grab a job
  • Professional degree to understand each & everything involved in wine production, fermentation and microbiology.

Enologist Salary:

The average salary for an Enologist ranges from $45,000- $65,000 per annum. Experienced person get higher packages.


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