Machine Core Maker Job Description

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Machine Core Maker Job Profile and Description


The job of a ‘Machine Core Maker’ involves setting up core-making machines like casting machine setters, tenders, and casting, core-making and molding operators. They work with various materials for molding casting – from regular plastic to thermoplastic. A core maker work with technical tools like shovel, chute, clamp, wires, straightedge, and metal plates etc. So, this job requires the knowledge of practical application of the subtle technicalities related to the casting process.


Machine Core Maker Duties and Responsibilities –

  • Control the switches, controls, valves, fixtures, and dials
  • Moving and lifting heavy objects and handling materials
  • Assessing and measuring the products for matching them with the customer specifications
  • Trimming products and grinding the remaining plastic into powder
  • Cutting and installing tubes, conveyer screws and other parts by the hand tools
  • Forming the shape and size of the mold and reinforcing them with sand and trowel
  • Watching, cleaning and keeping the machines properly
  • Observing and controlling the pressure and temperature of the machines
  • Moving products from the conveyer belts and placing them in the cooling area for preservation Coating or smoking the cast to smoothen or fill the outer cover
  • Labeling items with codes and loading in containers
  • Keeping records of production

Machine Core Maker Skills and Specifications –

  • Should have abilities to perform quality control and have good analytic/critical skills for inspection and testing product quality
  • Must be able to understand the customer requirements and blueprints
  • Should be able to operate various pneumatic tools
  • Should have listening skills and a sharp eye for details
  • Watching skills for surveillance of machines

Machine Core Maker Education and Qualifications –

The basic requirement is a high school diploma.

Machine Core Maker Salary –

The average annual salary for this position is about $30,030.

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