Manufacturing Information System Manager Job Description

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Manufacturing Information System Manager Job Description and Profile

The job profile of a ‘Manufacturing Information System Manager’ requires a person to handle manufacturing related activities and also, the information system of a production facility. They have to work in coordination with the engineers working on systems and equipments and the manufacturing staff.

Manufacturing Information System Manager Duties and Responsibilities –

  • Being responsible for good productivity and helping the engineering department
  • Being responsible for budgeting, planning and managing a team
  • Recruiting and training of the staff
  • Preparing HR and technical guidelines for the manufacturing and engineering team
  • Performing repairing, maintenance and procurement of the machines
  • Being responsible for staff growth and stability
  • Being responsible for production and engineering related documents

Manufacturing Information system Manager Education, Training and Qualification –

A Manufacturing information system manager is required to have a degree in Engineering – industrial, production, automation or electrical stream. People holding Masters in these subjects are given preference and, having past work experience in an administrative role also helps for a job.

Manufacturing Information system Manager Degree, Courses and Certifications –

Holding technical qualification certification in business administration or Information system is also beneficial for a candidate.

Manufacturing Information system Manager Skills and Specifications –

  • Should be a good team leader and motivator
  • Should have good product knowledge and, be able to train others
  • Should be good in people management skills
  • Should work for increasing the employee efficiency
  • Should be able to prepare and ensure implementation of production guidelines in the company
  • Should have thorough technological knowledge abut their trade, always update themselves with the latest technological developments
  • Should have good communication skills
  • Should have the knowledge about the state rules and regulations
  • Should work for reducing the production costs, and improve productivity

Manufacturing Information system Managers Salary/wages –

The average salary for this position ranges from $50,000 to $105,000 per annum.

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