Manufacturing Job Description Template

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Manufacturing Sector Introduction

When we talk about the ‘manufacturing sector’ it refers to the central part of the industrial sector. The over all performance of industries decides the direction of the economic growth of a nation. There are plenty of job opportunities available in this sector.

Job Profile and Description –

There are different job profiles in the manufacturing sector – assembly line worker, brake operator, line crew worker, electro-mechanical technician, and then the management positions like director, chief executive or manufacturing supervisor, and manufacturing health and safety etc.

Company name:


Reports to:


The location of the job:

Job Type (full time employee or part time work):

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Manufacturing Engineers handles the  overall manufacturing procedures and, also design and suggest measures for the improvement of production
  • Manufacturing Director is involved in forming and managing the methodologies for processes, quality and production improvement
  • Manufacturing Manager has to oversee the production process and prepare a production schedule in order to achieve performance targets
  • Manufacturing Assembler needs to follow instructions from supervisors and, perform assemblage of various parts or an entire product

Skills and Specifications –

  • Team work spirit is the first important thing
  • One must be well organized and have good math and analytical skills
  • One must be healthy and have good stamina for working long hours
  • One should have good manual dexterity and should be detail-oriented

Educational Qualifications and Experience –

For ‘labor jobs’ like assemblage and line work, a high school diploma is sufficient. The management positions require engineering degrees or management degrees wit work experience of 5-10 years in the related field.

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