Manufacturing Sales Agent Representative Job Description

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Manufacturing Sales Agent/Representative Job Profile and Description

All companies manufacture and market their different kinds of products and, because of the high competition every business wants to stay ahead in the market to sell their products to buyers before their competitors do.  Manufacturing Sales Agent/Representative play an important role in all types of businesses.

Manufacturing Sales Agent/Representative Duties and Responsibilities –

  • Marketing and selling products
  • Planning marketing strategies
  • Performing research about market demands and potential for a product and competition from other available products
  • Prepare sales reports and presenting it to the manager
  • Travelling to meet clients and take orders

Manufacturing Sales Agent/Representative Skills and Specifications –

  • Must be able to research and understand market trends
  • Must be open to travel to remote destinations on sales trips
  • Must be dedicated to the job to achieve the sales targets
  • Must have excellent sales abilities
  • Must have the complete knowledge about the products one is selling
  • Must have excellent communication and interpersonal skills

Manufacturing Sales Agent/Representative Education and Qualifications –

  • An Associate or Bachelor’s degree in commerce, mass communication, or advertising is sufficient.

Manufacturing Sales Agent/Representative Salary –

The average annual salary for a Manufacturing Sales Agents/Representatives is about $70,200, that includes commissions,

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