Metal Refining Furnace Operators Job Description

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Metal Refining Furnace Operators Job Profile and Description

The job of a Metal Furnace Operator involves working with huge furnaces operated by oil, gas, oxygen, coal, or electric induction to smelt and purify metal before being casting to a particular shape for molding into commercial products.

Metal Refining Furnace Operators Duties and Responsibilities –

  • Operating the furnace for purifying metal according to the standard procedures and safety guidelines.
  • Ensuring that alloy meets requirement by drawing smelted metal samples from furnaces for examination.
  • Estimating types and amounts of metals required for making sure that the materials meet required metal composition stipulations
  • Transferring, or eliminating molten metal from furnaces, and putting it into molds through pumps, hoists, or ladles.
  • Recording production data, and keeping production logs.
  • Operating controls to move or release metal work pieces from furnaces.
  • Examining furnaces and equipment to test on defects and wear for prompt corrective action.
  • Checking air and temperature gauges and the metal color and, fluidity and adjusting valves and controls to keep the required temperatures.
  • Watching furnace operations through television screens to avoid any problem

Metal Refining Furnace Operators Skills and Specifications –

  • Must have the working knowledge about metals, foundry and smelter operations and forging procedures
  • Must be medically and physically fit to endure extreme temperatures
  • Must have presence of mind for watching temperature gauges and making adjustments
  • Must be ready to work under dirty conditions

Metal Refining Furnace Operators Education and Qualifications –

There are requirements for any formal education for this position. A high school diploma is sufficient and, on-the-job informal training is provided.

Metal Refining Furnace Operators Salary –

The average salary for a Metal Refining Furnace Operator is about $18.22 per hour or, $37,900 annually.

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