Motor Pool Dispatcher Job Description

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Motor Pool Dispatcher Job Description and Profile

The job profile of a ‘Motor Pool Dispatcher’ requires a person to allocate and maintain computerized records of company vehicles used for motor pool. They perform related duties and activities, handling the day-to-day operations and scheduling of use of the pool vehicles.

Duties and Specifications –

  • Assigning motor pool cars to the staff when required
  • Ensures right issuance of a car that fulfill the transportation requirements of an employee
  • Collects mileage information and other related data for billings
  • Managing storage and parking of cars.
  • Maintaining an automated log of all cars
  • Maintaining pool vehicle requisitions in the computerized database.
  • Records requisitions of car pools.
  • Making vehicle inspections for determining the need for repairs, maintenance, or servicing
  • Performing cleaning duties – car washing, vacuuming, & waxing.
  • Fueling vehicles at both company and external fueling stations.
  • Maintaining good professional relations with motor pool clients, vendors and general public.

Skills and Specifications –

  • Must be able to determine the right car for staff needs.
  • Must maintain vehicle records
  • Keeping records of daily vehicles issuance
  • Must be able to determine the right time or servicing
  • Must be able to operate cars safely
  • Must know how to wash, vacuum, and wax cars.

Education and Qualifications –

    • A high school diploma is required with one year of relevant work experience. Also, a valid Driver’s License (Class C) is required.

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