NPI Engineer Job Description

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NPI Engineer Job Profile and Description

The job profile of an NPI that means ‘New Product Introduction Engineer’ requires a person inspecting and checking the complete product before the official launch. A finished product may have few flaws or technical faults that were not observed earlier, and the job of an NPI is to check and assess the quality of a product to confirm that it is fault free and completely ready to launch in the market. This job demands a sharp eye for detail as they have to look closely for any possible errors or faults in a product. It is a very responsible job.

NPI Engineer Duties and Responsibilities –

  • Understanding the customer specifications and company standards and, verifying the same in the finished product
  • Building and implementing production testing tools, labeling systems and software loading stations
  • Confirming the blueprint of the product before it goes for manufacturing
  • Checking the quality of the product and identifying the error or faults
  • Quoting production costs and expenses, and presenting to the management
  • Training juniors on the pros and cons of the product launch
  • Providing feedback about the finished product and recommendations to the Research and Development department for accurate development of the product

NPI Engineer Skills and Specifications –

  • Should have good leadership qualities
  • Should have good coordination skills to work with various departments
  • Should have excellent communication skills
  • Should have good problem solving skills
  • Should have thorough knowledge about the methods and techniques of manufacturing
  • Should be well organized  and have an eye for detail

NPI Engineer Education and Qualifications –

  • A B.S degree in computer science or electrical engineering is required. Also, professional training in testing and designing of products is required.

NPI Engineer Salary –

The average salary for this position ranges form $3700 and $5000 per month.

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