Offset Equipment Operator Job Description

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Offset Equipment Operator Job Description and Profile

The job profile of an’ Offset Equipment Operator’ involves operating offset printing equipment, copiers, processors, plate-making equipment, and other related bindery equipment. They perform various related tasks and duties. They produce copies of forms, reports, and other many different papers. They alos perform repair of the equipments.

Duties and Specifications –

  • Setting up and producing copies of forms and other official papers
  • Performing modification of paper feeding processes.
  • Mixing ink and, taking care of water and ink controls.
  • Handling types of offset presses for one or multi-color printing types
  • Operating various types of bindery equipment for drilling, pinning and padding.
  • Cutting, trimming and sizing paper stock on hydraulic paper cutters.
  • Ensuring proper paper stocks
  • Cleaning and maintaining the machines in a goof condition
  • Preparing reports of maintenance problems.

Skills and Specifications –

  • Must be able to maintain, operate and manage different types of production on offset printing equipment.
  • Must know how to operate digital and analog photocopy machines,
  • Should have the knowledge of cutting machinery and bindery.
  • Should know how to keep machines in good condition
  • Should know how to follow written and verbal directions.
  • Should complete given tasks on time

Education and Qualifications –

A high school diploma is sufficient for this position. On-job training is provided

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