Packaging Operator Job Description

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Packaging Operator Job Profile and Description

A Packaging Operator works in the last phase of the manufacturing line and performs the duties related to packing, labeling, storage and shipment of the finished products. They have to do various works in a manufacturing facility.

Packaging Operator Duties and Responsibilities –

  • Arranging products packing
  • Packing the finished products through automated procedures and as per the set specifications
  • Stocking up packaging materials like plastic sheets, wrapping paper, boxes, cartons, and labels, ink, and glue etc.
  • Moving finished packaged items from machine and separate rejected items.
  • Keeping inventory for finished and rejected packaged items
  • Ensuring quality and conformity of packaged products according to the standards.

Packaging Operator Skills and Specifications –

  • Must complete all the tasks within times without supervision
  • Must have excellent observation skills to prevent production line problems, bottlenecks, and out-of-quality situations
  • Should have knowledge about the electro mechanical principles for operating mass production machines
  • Should have good interpersonal skills

Packaging Operator Education and Qualifications –

  • A high school diploma is sufficient for this job.

Packaging Operator Salary –

The average annual salary for this position is $12.08 per hour or $25,130 annually.

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