Plywood Manufacturer Job Description

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Plywood Manufacturer Job Description and Profile

The job of a plywood manufacturer involves processing and finishing of raw wood. One has to perform many activities and, can work in different capacities – engineer, manager, support staff, setter, operators etc. they also work with the logistics, supply chain and Human resource department. Engineers mainly work with the raw wood and take care of the processing of finished product.

Plywood Manufacturer Duties and Responsibilities –

  • Being responsible for budget preparation and balance sheets
  • Involved in recruitment, training and assigning work to new staff
  • Handling the logistics and supply chain duties
  • Performing the human resource activities and ensuring staff safety
  • Taking care of the technical and raw material procurement and maintenance
  • Performing the processing of raw material according to the guidelines
  • Operating machines and setting the machine as per the order requirement

Plywood Manufacturer Education, Training and Qualifications –

One should have a technical degree in wood science. Entry level junior positions require industry related work experience and a high school diploma.

Plywood Manufacturer Skills and Specifications –

  • Should be able to understand the complete chain of production management
  • Should have the knowledge about the standard operation procedures and follow them
  • Should be a team player and have good coordination skills
  • Should be a self-motivator and be ready to work long hours
  • Should know the working of machines completely and, be able to perform repair and maintenance of the same.
  • Should come up with ideas for new designs and patterns in manufacturing
  • Should have a sharp eye for detail
  • Should complete works within the deadlines

Plywood Manufacturer Salary/Wage –

The average salary of a plywood manufacturer ranges from $15,000 to $35,000 per annum.

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