Semiconductor Processor Job Description

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Semiconductor Processor Job Profile and Description


A ‘Semiconductor Processor’ performs various functions in the manufacturing of electronic semiconductors – put semiconductor material into furnace, put individual segment into crystal growing section and check controls, and saw formed ingots into segments etc-etc.  The job profile is mostly popular in the electronics industry – a semiconductor works with manufacturing integrated circuits and the production lines.

Semiconductor Processor Duties and Responsibilities –

  • Operate console controls and input commands into automated systems to manage the semiconductor processing cycles.
  • Ensuring proper production levels according to the target volumes required per day
  • Perform quality control inspections and work in coordination with quality assurance engineers to identify wafer surface defects and set rectification plans.
  • Assessing circuitry parameters with electronic test equipment, accuracy measuring tools etc. to ensure conformity with standard specifications.
  • Working in continuous processing of microchip wafers.
  • Performing routine maintenance on equipments and determining when & what particular maintenance is required.
  • Study work orders, instructions from engineers, processing charts and methods, to determine series of operations and process to meet the specifications
  • Working in coordination with other departments for productivity and quality control programs.
  • Guiding new recruits to perform various tasks related to production.

Semiconductor Processor Skills and Specifications –

  • Must have understanding of electronics and chemicals, mass production regulations and quality management
  • Must be good at solving technical problems with analytical skills.
  • Must have interpersonal skills to work in a team
  • Must have a sharp eye for detail

Semiconductor Processor Education and Qualifications –

  • An Associate or technical school certificate in electronics, mathematics and other sciences
  • 2-3 years of work experience in a electronic product manufacturing or related semiconductor production is a definite plus

Semiconductor Processor Salary –

The average salary for Semiconductor Processors is around $32,230 per annum.

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