Sewing Machine Operator Job Description

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Sewing Machine Operator Job Profile and Description


A Sewing machine operator work in the garment industry. They operate sewing machines to join, support or decorate textile and fabric materials for producing garment and non-garment products. They mainly work with sewing machines that run faster and are heavier than the traditional machines used in our homes. This job profile involves working with various types of sewing machines.


Sewing Machine Operator Duties and Responsibilities –

  • Supervising sewing machine operations to identify problems like defects in stitching, breakage in threads, or machine malfunctions
  • Keeping record of the textile materials processed
  • Checking garments, and repair tags, and blots on garments to find defects or damages
  • Setting apart quality passed garments for packaging
  • Setting apart defective or lower-quality garments for correction or disposal
  • Fixing sewing machine attachments like threads, needles, pattern plates or cutting blades according to the specifications
  • Ensuring that textile parts are in correct sequences and, confirming that the color lots and textile patterns match

Sewing Machine Operator Skills and Specifications –

  • Should be able to work on sewing machines
  • Should have good organizational skills for sorting and cutting textile parts for joining
  • Should have high hand dexterity to operate sewing machines
  • Should have above average interpersonal skills

Sewing Machine Operator Education and Qualifications –

  • A high school diploma is sufficient for this position and, past experience in packaging or other manufacturing operations is helps you get a job

Sewing Machine Operator Salary –

The average annual salary for a Sewing Machine Operator is about $9.74 per hour or, $20,260 annually.

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