Supply Chain Management Job Description

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Supply Chain Management Job Profile and Description

The Supply Chain is the process that involves brining in a product from the raw material stage to the availability for sale. The Supply Chain Manager manages the whole product shipping procedure – planning, development, manufacturing, logistics and delivery. The supply chain management can be either managed by one or multiple companies to bring a product to the end user.

Duties and Responsibilities –

  • Involved in the entire process – planning, procurement, manufacturing, logistics and delivery.
  • Being responsible for ensuring that every step of the process is effectively carried out to avoid sales loss and costly delays.
  • Communicating with key personnel and line managers for the proper execution of the procurement, manufacturing, inventory control, logistics and delivery of the products
  • Examining all the procedures and working for the improvement and, cost reduction.
  • Maintaining good relationships with vendors
  • Organizing the product distribution effectively and, ensuring higher sales & revenues


Skills and Specifications –

  • Should have strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Should have strong interpersonal skills to maintain good relationships with various people.
  • Should be a good team player &, have excellent coordination skills
  • Should have a direct and thorough approach and, be ready to work long hours.
  • Should be able to take part in meetings and, address groups of people.

Education and Qualifications –

It requires a Bachelor’s degree in Supply Chain Management or a related field.

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