Advertising Worker Job Description

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Advertising Worker Job Profile and Description


An advertising worker plays an important part in an ad agency. It involves taking part in the development of ad campaigns and understanding and meeting clients’ requirements. This job profile offers various roles to play at work. It is mainly an entry-level position.

Most advertising workers begin with entry-level positions, and the first role offered is the ‘Traffic Coordinator’ – giving them enough space to learn the basics of the industry. They get to attend meetings, assist seniors, or participating in the creative process of advertising.

Advertising Worker Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Working as a traffic coordinator
  • Attending meetings, assisting seniors and learning the creative part of the advertising
  • Working in coordination with various departments for planning promotional strategies, & shoots etc.
  • Getting information from various sources
  • Communicating with various outside professionals, representing the services to clients writing, telephone, e-mail or in person
  • Studying information and, assessing results to choose the best solution and resolve problems

Advertising Worker Skills and Specifications:

  • Must have an outgoing personality
  • Must have good public relation & interpersonal skills
  • Must have good knowledge about the advertising industry
  • Must be able to have discussions with clients efficiently
  • May be required to work in a particular department only

Advertising Worker Educational Qualifications:

  • A bachelor’s degree with business management or marketing as the main subject.
  • A bachelor’s degree in advertising or journalism, or a related subject is also desirable.

Advertising Worker Salary:

The job offers $724 a week on an average, but it varies with experience and industry exposure.

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