Brand Director Job Description

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Brand Director Job Profile and Description


The job profile of a ‘Brand Director’ carries the responsibility of taking care of the brand promotion, and sales & marketing activities in a business. They develop strategies to promote a product or concept for a company. This is a varied role that requires a person to perform various activities – buying, selling, marketing, pricing, ordering etc. They create public awareness about the products of a company through various ways. This job requires very strong knowledge about the business strategies and market development.


Brand Director Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Planning and developing business strategies to promote a product
  • Performing research about the market trends and consumer demands, and then planning business strategies accordingly
  • Directing the sales and marketing team for executing the brand promotion process efficiently
  • Setting up the prices for products
  • Maintaining close relations with suppliers
  • Reviewing the market position of the company
  • Handling the public shows, promotions & competitions for the business
  • Guiding and motivating the whole team to bring good results

Brand Director Skills and Specifications:

  • Strong understanding of business promotion & marketing
  • Excellent market research skills and ability to identify markets for the company products
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Should be well-organized and, be able to work under pressure
  • Should be good at making presentations
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Should have good analytical skills
  • Should be able to manage different projects at the same time


Brand Director Education and Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management
  • Masters degree in Business Administration or Management with specialization in Sales and Marketing, Branding Management and Marketing, Brand Development
  • Professional degree in Brand Development and Management
  • On-Job experiences of handling sales and marketing of a business

Brand Director Salary:

The average annual salary of a Brand Director ranges from $75,000 to $110,000.

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