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Editor-in-Chief Job Profile and Description


In every publication house, there is a need for a person to manage various things to ensure proper and efficient business operations. It involves creating testimonies, handling media operations etc-etc. this position is known as the Editor-in-Chief.

Editor-in-Chief Duties and Responsibilities –

  • Acting as an innovator of the group of authors, photographers and authors with the aim of maintaining the general requirements of good journalism
  • Overseeing all the responsibilities of associate writer and assigning the responsibilities to the associate authors.
  • Working carefully with the staff, schooling and tracking each one of them to be able to improve the efficiency of the group.
  • Planning the content of the journal, paper, or any other form of guides.
  • Deciding the form of articles which needs to be provided in the book, and determining the photographers and authors.
  • Developing unique ideas to make the book look unique and great.
  • Reviewing materials, which are presented by the authors, and advising the points of enhancement, which can be anything from slight to major changes.

Editor-in-Chief Skills and Specifications

  • Excellent communication and writing skills
  • Creative and innovative mind.
  • Sharp attention to details.
  • Must be able to work under stress and within deadlines.
  • Good grammar and style.

Editor-in-Chief Education and Qualifications –

  • A Bachelor’s degree in journalism or any other subject in a liberal’s art field
  • Work experience in writing, reporting and editing during internship before joining a company is desirable

Editor-in-Chief Salary –

The average salary of an Editor-in-Chief is around $43,620 per annum.

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