Market Research Analysts Job Description

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Market Research Analysts Job Description and Profile

The job of a market research analyst is to collect and evaluate the scenario of the industry and make recommendations in order to improve the performance of the company. A market research specialist performs a huge role in policy making by providing useful reviews regarding industry scenario. The job requires intense statement and analysis skills. There is a vast job potential for this position.

Market Research Analysts Duties and Responsibilities –

  • Conference with customers and understanding their requirements
  • Analyzing the general specifications of the customer base
  • Gathering information that can provide an understanding into current industry conditions
  • Planning functions such as surveys online and generation of surveys online and courses to determine industry situation
  • Preparing reviews according to research of industry circumstances and introducing the same to organization executives
  • Answering questions and making clear questions of professionals with respect to the most achievable and successful guidelines for growth
  • Making forecasts and anticipates about industry circumstances and indicating the best course of action that the organization should take
  • Identifying industry factors that effect earnings and creating suggestions on improving them
  • Based in the marketplace scenario, plan how, where and when to sell products for highest possible benefits
  • Carrying out industry practicality study
  • Meeting with research and development groups and promotion groups for the best possible use of promotion facilities

Market Research Analysts Education, Training and Qualifications –

A market research specialist has to be skilled in research and knowing industry situation. A Bachelor’s in marketing and advertising in the related area is required.

Market Research Analysts Degrees, Courses & Certification –

While a Bachelor’s degree in sales and marketing is enough for this position, at the same time, a Master’s degree in business administration is also desirable. Experience of work in sales and marketing for 3 years is necessary.

Market Research Analysts Skills and Specifications –

  • Fantastic interaction abilities, both in writing and verbally
  • Excellent statement and research skills
  • Excellent understanding regarding changes in industry trends
  • Ability to understand the modifying styles of the market
  • Good trouble shooting and trouble shooting skills
  • The most important expertise is powerful selection ability
  • Strong understanding in computer programs, research and mathematics

Market Research Analysts‘s Salary –

The salary of a market analyst ranges from $55,000 to $120,000 per annum.

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