Marketing Analyst Job Description

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Marketing Analyst Job Profile and Description

The job of a Marketing Analyst requires offering ideas and information regarding markets, rivals, customers and efficiency of promotion to assist business choices and in calculating performance. Most marketing professionals report to the Promotion Manager. They plan and manage a variety of market researches and work firmly with other professionals to understand the findings and conclude possible beneficial business directions.

Duties and Responsibilities –

  • Conduction research about all sales activities and promotion strategies.
  • Designing studies, which answer particular business questions.
  • Analyzing promotion achievement for identifying effect-cause relationships between financial outcomes and promotion actions to raise earnings.
  • Working with Product Management for identifying modern promotion opportunities and using the services of customers in finishing concept testing.
  • Developing surveys and focus groups to catch data on researching the industry.
  • Conducting researching the industry for identifying brand views, understanding client needs, assessing industry puncture, assessing opponents.
  • Managing industry segmentation, ranking exercises, focusing on as required.
  • Performing client support survey yearly and producing results report.
  • Building promotion dashboards, which visualizes fundamental performance signs or symptoms.
  • Completing aggressive research for maintaining the organization competition advantages.
  • Integrating researching the information about the industry with the organization system to develop new leads.
  • Conducting industry analysis: Technical, Social, Governmental and Economical.
  • Monitoring and tracking website texting, aggressive ads etc.
  • Providing daily overview carry away exceed excel spreadsheets and reports.
  • Remarkable knowledge of sales, company and marketing processes.
  • Strong company confirming, project store and ability as a copywriter.
  • Should be able to develop efficient relationships and operate with senior professionals.
  • Effective leadership, effective time control planning and business abilities.
  • Strong company know-how, systematic, troubleshooting, data adjustment and control techniques.
  • Should be able to promote planning and strategic thinking.
  • Strong computer abilities that includes confirming software and company intellect.
  • Exceptional written as well as spoken communication abilities.
  • Should be able to travel as required.
  • High level of personal passion and self-motivation.

Skills and Specifications –

Education and Qualification –

  • A Degree in marketing, business or any related field from an accredited university.
  • A Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Accounting or Marketing is also preferred.

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