Marketing Associate Job Description

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Marketing Associate Job Description and Profile

In many organizations, ‘Marketing Affiliate’ is a beginner job – it mainly includes assisting business promotion professionals in performing promotion plans and in any other promotion activity where assistance is required. They play an important role in carrying out the footwork such as producing survey results, planning research, creating basic precise charts from the information collected and helping in preparing and performance of strategies. In many companies, a Marketing associate directly reports to the Marketing manager, while in some corporations, they report to the immediate head.

Marketing Associate Duties and Responsibilities –

  • Helping senior marketing staff for various activities at all levels  – from pre-planning to assessing customer feedback
  • Assisting in planning promotion activities such as industry activities, workshops and conferences
  • Assisting in collection of promotion data and logistics
  • Assisting in planning of reviews
  • Meeting with different companies such as publishing organizations, advertising organizations, authors, visual artists and others in order to assess whether things are on schedule
  • Ensuring the exclusive press such as weblogs and websites are regularly updated
  • Ensuring that all emails and communication are answered
  • Taking active part in venture development and ingredients of promotion campaigns
  • Ensuring that all promotion devices such as press notices, press announcements, release details, catalogues and images are sent and shown as per schedule

Marketing Associate Degrees, Courses & Certification –

A Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree in sales and marketing or business management is required for this position.

Marketing Associate Skills and Specifications –

  • Excellent interaction skills
  • Ability to comprehend purchases and contend them perfectly
  • Maintain a excellent connection with clients
  • Must be diligent and dedicated to the job
  • Must have a powerful understanding about promotion principles
  • Ability to create reports
  • Ability to comprehend the specialized language used in industry analysis
  • Excellent statement and systematic skills

Marketing Associate‘s Salary –

The average annual salary for this position ranges from $30,000 to $70,000.

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