Marketing Intern Job Description

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Marketing Intern Job Profile and Description

The job of a Marketing Intern requires a person to have the knowledge about the basic marketing practices and getting experience about marketing features in the organization. The profile of a Marketing Intern is a short-term position and, often it is not paid.

Duties and Responsibilities –

  • Learn and understand as much as one can about marketing strategies and methods practiced in an organization.
  • He has to execute certain management features of the company as well in assistance of the promotion and advertising divisions.
  • He may have to help in putting together revenue, create photocopies, response and create calling and get ready promotion offer.
  • He may have to include himself in disseminating ads to end clients.
  • He has to take care of the communication of the promotion and advertising divisions.
  • He has to take part in item planning, item releases and competition research, if required.
  • He has to create and get ready reviews to the immediate supervisor.
  • Should have excellent written and oral interaction abilities as well as social skills
  • Should be willing to perform under supervisory assistance.
  • should be open to learn more and more during the internship
  • Should have a focused and structured mind-set to perform well
  • Should be willing to perform under stress.
  • Should be willing to work overtime when required.

Skills and Specifications –

Education and Qualifications –

The required educational qualifications for this position varies from company to company.

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