Marketing Job Description

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Marketing Job Profile and Description:

The job of a Marketing Executive requires a person to form marketing and promotion strategies for a product or brand. This is a very important role as it helps boost the sales and profits of a business.

Duties and Responsibilities –

  • Marketing professionals must come up with techniques depending on the business’s goals and budget
  • They have to do perform market research to collect data to focus on customer, their needs and requirements
  • They evaluate the groups and individual information of the customers and think of ways to make the products entice them
  • Maintain good relations with the merchants and maintain contact with them either through calls, emails or individual visits
  • Keeping information of revenue outcomes and the outcomes of their promotion initiatives
  • Be in contact with ad organizations and promotion organizations to carry press meetings and connect with the media

Skills and Specifications –

  • Must have the knowledge about the various promotion techniques and strategies
  • Should have good communication skills, and be god at presentation
  • Must be confident, self-motivated and passionate
  • Should keep track of the latest trends and what their competitors are doing
  • Should be hardworking

Education and Qualifications –

A Bachelor’s degree is required for this position. There are also professional courses available for this job profile – having a diploma or degree in marketing or sales is an advantage.

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