Media Advertising Sales Agent Job Description

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Media/Advertising Sales Agent Job Profile and description

Th job profile of an Advertising Sales Agent involves soliciting businessess for advertisements to place commerical ads in various media – newspapers, magazines, television, and radio etc. These advertisments can be short commercials or program sponsorships, or banner ads on internet. An advertising agent has to secure more and more advertisements for their agency to icnrease revenues.


Media/Advertising Sales Agent Duties and Responsibilities –

  • Cover geographical locations or market allocated to obtain ads and create a long-term alliance.
  • Assist the consumer in specifying and developing the ads by managing with in-house promotion developers or relate them to associate innovative ad organizations and freelance workers.
  • Obtain ad space renting in signs.
  • Secure stock of stereo and TV areas available for ad positions.
  • Provide reviews to customers on ad puncture surveys online.
  • Harness internet sites for ad solicitation.
  • Media/Advertising Sales Broker Abilities and Specifications
  • Must have fantastic cultural and promoting skills when asking for ads from focus on clients
  • Must have customer-focus to ensure that client issues are answered
  • Excellent spoken and writing interaction skills in English

Media/Advertising Sales Agent Education and Qualifications –

A high school diploma is basic for entry level positions but many companies prefer candidates with a college degree in Marketing Management, Commerce, and Mass Communication or equivalent with experience in the marketing or advertising fields is an advantage.

Media/Advertising Sales Agent Salary –

The average salary for this positon is around $43,500.

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