Rental Clerk Job Description

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Rental Clerk Job Profile and Description:

The position of a Rental Clerk involves performing duties to satisfy the requirements of another business or people by offering lease of products they do not want to buy. They provide service to clients, and provide them the required information and useful suggestion to lease products.

Rental Clerk Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Accountable for determining costs for solutions or merchandise
  • Receiving expenses from the lessee or tenant
  • Recommending the goods and solutions available for offering on rent
  • Keeping the information of all dealings, and coming into the name of the companies who are taking services
  • Preparing appropriate lease types which can be offered as legal document
  • Supervising and changing the items to be offered on lease according to client’s need
  • Receiving the purchases of the solutions from clients and recognizing the profits of the made solutions as well.
  • Providing useful suggestions to the clients regarding the servicing and use of products.
  • Discussing the requirements of the products available in detail with the clients.
  • The clear must have the capability of providing excellent service to the client with great interaction.
  • Should be eager in keeping the information of all the clients and must have the capability to arrange all information possibly as well.
  • Must have the prospective to sustain powerful client relationship

Rental Clerk Skills and Specifications:

Rental Clerk Education and Qualifications:

  • Bachelors degree in Commerce with specialization in Sales and Marketing
  • Associate degree in customer servicing or clerkship programs

Rental Clerk Salary:

The average annual salary for this position ranges from $15,000 -$25,000 – hourly, it is $10.50.

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