SEO Marketing Consultant Job Description

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SEO Marketing Consultant Job Profile and Description

The SEO Marketing Consultant is the person responsible for evaluating, suggesting and verifying various kinds of techniques which need to be applied on client’s website. They consult with the client and plan accordingly to increase the search value and visibilities of website in search engines. They apply various search engine marketing tactics to identify the competition. In today’s competitive market, every organization needs proper marketing techniques and it increases the requirement of SEO provided by the SEO marketing consultant.

SEO Marketing Consultant Duties and Responsibilities

  • Take charge of leadership in providing SEO solutions to improve outputs for the organization and the clients
  • Preparing and evaluating reports about the audit of client websites
  • Gathering data and preparing reports about the inclusive competitive search status of the client websites
  • Developing and suggesting various SEO techniques
  • Assessing the performance of various SEO tactics and making required changes for optimum results
  • Ensuring the fulfillment of client expectations, deadlines and deliveries
  • Managing the performance of internal and external departments and teams
  • Researching and analyzing link placement of competitor sites
  • Participating in various keywords related activities- from keyword research to keyword optimization

SEO Marketing Consultant Skills and Specifications

  • Must possess excellent copywriting abilities
  • Must have excellent command over written English
  • Must posses good command over computer and internet
  • Should be well aware of various internet marketing techniques
  • Must have thorough knowledge of various search engines
  • Should be innovative and creative in nature

SEO Marketing Consultant Education and Qualifications

  • Should possess a Bachelor’s degree in any stream with proficiency in English from a reputed institute
  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing from an accredited institute

SEO Marketing Consultant Salary

The salary of an SEO marketing consultant is highly dependent upon his experience and the organization he is working for. Still, the average salary is about $69,000.

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