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A variety of jobs are always in store for the supermarket workers. A supermarket job includes work at branch stores, warehouses, or at the business offices. A number of workers such as book keepers, accountants, secretaries, clerks and typists are employed for the super market jobs. There are absolutely innumerable and uncountable works to perform for a supermarket worker. The work may vary from transacting with the manufacturer to dealing with the customers. Some may work on the accounts while other might be involved with the cleanliness and maintenance of the shop they are working in. About one fourth of the supermarket workers are employed with departmental stores. Their chief function is to deal with the customers.

Supermarket Job Duties and Responsibilities:

Since the type of job performed by each worker varies in a supermarket area, the mode of their duty and responsibilities also differs from person to person. However, a generalised idea of the overall duties and responsibilities of a supermarket worker have been given as under:

  • Interacting with the customers in a friendly way thus motivating him to buy and ensure that he comes back time and again.
  • Keeping a record of the inflow and outflow of the goods and cash essentially ensuring that particular goods are refilled before going out of stock.
  • Making a customer aware of any special offers and discounts.
  • Supervising the maintenance activities in the supermarket and collecting funds for the same on a regular basis.
  • Securing the supermarket from any burglars and pick-pockets.

Supermarket Job Skills and Specifications:

The skills and specifications needed for being an efficient supermarket worker are:

  • Should have a thorough understanding of the departmental policies and procedures.
  • Must have a positive outlook and must have excellent convincing skills so that they can sell maximum number of goods to the customers.
  • Should possess good communication skills.
  • Must be focused and hardworking.
  • They ought to possess a clear idea of the product they are dealing with and the market rates of the product as well.

Supermarket Job Educational Qualifications:

A very good academic background or a mandatory academic qualification is not always needed in case of a supermarket job. However, some of the optional educational qualifications needed for a supermarket worker are:

  • Must possess a high school degree.
  • To pursue the career as a cashier, one must have attained a degree with accounts as the major. Again this is optional. One might not be a graduate or hold a degree on accountancy, yet can join as an accountant.
  • Should have some knowledge of computer

Supermarket Job Salary:

The Bureau of Labour Statistics states that while supermarket cashiers earn about $7.90 per hour, the managers earn double. Full time workers are often benefited with numerous salary schemes and facilities.

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