Advertising Media Manager Job description

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Advertising Media Manager Job Description and Profile

An advertising Media Manager is basically responsible for the promotion and publicity of his organization. An advertising media manger basically plans, prepares and executes a media campaign for clients as well as for the parent organization. He works in a team and allocates job to the team members, motivates them and exudes leadership qualities. An Advertising Media Manager is also responsible for brand building of a organization.

Advertising Media Manager Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for overseeing a organization’s advertising campaign in terms of design, budgeting and medium of expression
  • Responsible for portraying a positive image of his organization and proving it best among competition.
  • Responsible for developing, designing, implementing and executing the advertising strategy of the organization.
  • Enhancing the sales process and helping organization in generating ad-revenue
  • Keeping tabs on the expenditure and ensuring that it is within limits of the organization
  • Understanding the market scenario and ensuring that ads are suitable for current situations

Advertising Media Manager Education, Training and Qualifications:

An advertising Media Manager must have either Masters or college degree in any of these- Business Administration, sales and marketing, advertising, Public relations, mass communication and Journalism is good. An advertising media Manager generally starts career with a sales team member or even a Public Relation Officer.

Advertising Media Manager Degrees, Courses & Certification

Although a degree or masters in Business Administration or Journalism and Mass communication is preferred but certification courses in Advertising, Public Relations and Sales and Marketing can also be considered an apt qualification for this designation. Experience in any related field in a major requirement for an advertising media manager’s job.

Advertising Media Manager Skills and Specifications:

  • Must be a confident leader and a team motivator
  • Must be a trend setter and must be futuristic in advertising campaign
  • Ability to create revenue through campaigns and strategic planning
  • Must be well aware about the media laws and practices
  • Good at drafting budgets and must be able to allocate budget for media activities
  • Good at negotiations and forming contracts
  • Ability to design, edit and produce a promotional material sticking to organization guidelines
  • Ability to launch a new product campaign successfully
  • Ability to train new team members and also help in employee retention
  • Excellent communication skills and a creative bend of mind

Advertisement media managers Salary/Wage

The salary of an Advertising Media Manager ranges from $35,000 to $65,000 annually.

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