Assistant Media Planner Job Description

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Assistant media planner job description and profile

Assistant media planner helps and assists media planners in various functions and operations regarding media advertising. The different media advertising means are the radio, television, internet and print media.

Assistant media planner duties and responsibilities

The assistant media planner of a company has to fulfill the following duties and responsibilities.

  • Plan strategies for placing ads in different media channels in order to increase the reach and scope of the product
  • Make regular evaluations about how the ads are being received by the public and convey the information to the management
  • Financial planning for media related activities
  • Form a good working relationship with clients and act as an intermediary between them and the company management
  • Innovating new ideas for implementation and execution of ads
  • Ensure that all the work is being done according to schedule so that the deadlines issued by the clients can be met

Assistant media planner skills and responsibilities

The assistant media planner needs special skills in order to excel in his work. The skills and specifications needed are:

  • Ability to think out of the box and formulate creative strategies for media planning
  • Very good ability to negotiate terms and conditions with the client and good communicating as well as writing skills
  • Good computer skills
  • Good time management ability and disciplined approach to work
  • A sound knowledge about different concepts involved in media planning
  • Ability to work well in a team with focus on taking the company forward

Assistant media planner education and qualifications

The assistant media planner needs to have a bachelor’s degree in media management and planning, mass communications or public relations. A bachelor’s degree or a diploma in sales and marketing will be an advantage for faster professional growth.

Assistant media planner salary

An assistant media planner can earn between $35,000 and $40,000 per annum.

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