Assistant Producer Job Description

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Assistant Producer Job Description and Profile

An assistant Producer is primarily responsible for raising fund for a film unit or television program. He is also involved in the creative process of script writing, artist co-ordination and selection, set selection and identification of suitable props and costumes. An assistant Producer is also responsible for the pre production “recce” which means location visit prior to shoots.

Assistant Producer Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Reports to an Executive Producer and his line of command.
  • Is responsible for raising money by getting new investors in a project.
  • Is also responsible for artist selection and artist co-ordination
  • Is also responsible for script generation.
  • Is responsible in selection of costumes and property and help light department with light design.
  • In field of news generation is responsible for operating the news Teleprompter

Assistant Producer Education, Training and Qualifications

An assistant producer must have a college degree; an assistant producer gets training on the job as the job requirements for this position can be full filled only on field and not in class room training. A sound knowledge about the process of film making and television production is always good

Assistant Producer Degrees, Courses & Certification

An assistant Producer must be a college or University graduate. A diploma or certification course in Film and Television production is helpful. As this is an entry level job a complete dedication and zeal to learn helps in climbing the ladder fast.

Assistant Producer Skills and Specifications:

Assistant Producer must have good networking skills as assistant Producer is responsible for raising funds for a project.

  • Must be creative and tech savvy
  • Must know the three stages of filmmaking pre production, production and post production
  • Must have good command over language for generation of script in some cases
  • Must be able to gather a mob when required that means assistant producer must be a resourceful person
  • Must be good in finance and preparation of budget
  • Works with post production team and must have fair idea about editing techniques and visual language
  • Must have idea about types of shot as Assistant Producer is also responsible for shot selection from raw footage he must be able to delete the Not good shots and replace them with best shots

Assistant Producer Salary/Wage

An assistant Producer’s salary ranges from $25,000 to $80,000 per annum depending upon the film or Television Company.

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