Associate Producer Job Description

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Associate Producer Job Description and Profile

An associate producer is a term commonly used in film and television fraternity. An associate producer is responsible primarily for assisting a producer and at times his line of command. He is basically the budget or financial controller for the film or Tele-program which is produced. He should be knowledgeable about the film and television props and costumes inventory, in addition to having a complete idea about the equipment cost.

Associate Producer Duties and Responsibility

  • Primary duty is to help producer in keeping the budget of a film or television program in check.
  • Responsible for carrying out day to day budgetary needs of a production unit
  • Responsible for rising funds for the production
  • Responsible for marketing of the product (serial or film) and cost effective final output
  • Responsible to check the production cost of a program and film
  • In case of any budgetary changes to be carried out, he has to make a complete budget plan and submit it to his producer for final approval
  • Plays a key role from starting of a production till the completion of it as financial advisor to producer
  • Should help the post production unit with final touches and packaging

Associate Producer Education, Training and Qualifications

A degree or diploma from a Film and Television institute is always good but there is no minimum education required for this job. Although education is important, experience is must as it helps in faster career growth. On the job training is the only source for getting hands on experience as the field of Television and film is more field oriented than class room training.

Associate Producer Degrees, Courses & Certification:

Any graduate can do this job but a certificate in Film and Television Production is always an add-on. A business management graduate can also carry out this job successfully as the job primarily deals with budgetary and marketing aspects of production. A Masters in Film and Television production helps an Associate Producer to learn about types of camera, digital art of film making, types of lighting, set design and editing or post production.

Associate Producer Skills and Specifications:

  • Ability to raise funds in the beginning of a production
  • Excellent communication, management and negotiation skills
  • Excellent finance management and accounting skills
  • Excellent time-management ability
  • Ability to work under high stress levels
  • High level of creativity
  • Excellent planning skills and a knack for business

Associate Producer Salary/Wage

An average base salary of an Associate producer ranges from $55,000 to $95,000 depending upon the Production Company or Television channel he is working for.

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